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A Flimsy Foundation Will Surely Fall

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

You have worked way too hard to see your business fall. So don't get caught doing things the lazy way. Make sure that your business is firmly set with the proper systems and structures in place. I know these tasks can sometimes feel tedious to do, but they are necessary. Sometimes it's more fun to do the actual work of the business than have the understanding of the back office. Without the understanding of the back office, you won't be able to have a sustaining business, but the information you don't know will topple you. That is not going to benefit you or anyone else. So take the time now while you are at the beginning of the journey to learn what you don't know. Know that it is okay to not know everything. No one is expecting you to know everything right off the bat.

It's about taking responsibility and being accountable for your business. Once you can acknowledge your limitations you will be ready to start placing the correct structures in place that will allow your business to eventually run smoothly. For the areas that you still need to learn more on, take time to write those down and do your research. There are plenty of companies and programs that offer the services you may be missing in your business. Don't miss out because you are too prideful or don't believe you need them. Instead, use wisdom and start implementing the pieces that are needed.

I am reminded of the story of the big bad wolf and the three little pigs. Each pig built their house with different materials therefore their foundations were not equal. Well, the first pig as you may recall built his home out of straw. When the big bad wolf came, he was able to huff and puff it down easily. I like to believe that it was because it was a lazy job. There were no real supports in place and the home itself was flimsy. Let's be honest, hay or straw is probably slipping and sliding everywhere because it's not solid enough to hold a position. Take heed from this story of what a sloppy support system can do to a structure and know that your business needs more.


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