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Blossom Anyway

Blossom Anyway, is the approach I want you to take from today moving forward. The approach that says regardless of the people in my corner, I am choosing to blossom anyway. Regardless, of how things may look right now, I am still going to blossom anyway. That no matter how many people try to shut me down, if God said I can then I am going to blossom anyway.

Blossom anyway because God said you can. It doesn't matter how many people have tried to come up against you or how many you know aren't supporting you. There are strangers waiting for the very gift that is inside of you. Did you know that God placed that vision in you because there is a purpose that He is going to have you serve with it. So it has to work. Step back from the naysayers and those who can't appreciate you. Then get around some people who do and blossom anyway.

I'm reminded about watching a group of teens having fun singing, rapping, dancing, drawing, etc. They were filled with so much talent, but when asked if they would pursue those areas I was often met with a no. Can you imagine being in a room with 10 talented people and watching none of them go after their dreams because someone they knew couldn't see the dream that was inside of them? So instead of turning your back on your purpose because no one believes in you. I want you to believe in yourself and blossom anyway.

God already gave you the gifts and talents to do it. He already gave you the green light to go after it. So go and be bold. Blossom anyway.

If you are woman in faith who would like to get refocused so you can start to blossom into your purpose, I encourage you to schedule a "Focus call" today.


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