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My Praise Changed When I Changed

Have you ever been to a church where the members are in such a praise and worship that they are dancing and shouting so much that they may even fall out? Well, I have. In my early 20's I started attending a new church and I loved the atmosphere it had. It reminded me of what I saw in the movies. There was rhythm in the music, a drummer, a choir and people were up and, on their feet thanking God. I say this because my home church didn't really do these things. They tried, but it always lacked the feeling of having the Holy Spirit. Although, I was young at the time, I knew something was missing. So having an opportunity as an adult to go to a church that checked off the boxes made a difference.

Now that I was there, I could see the difference in the praise that was taking place. I saw the way I clapped my hands and moved with the beats being played. Yet, something was different about some of the folks who were there. They looked like they were captivated by God and there was something unique about the experience that they were having. I didn't know what it was, but I knew that I wanted it.

Well, lo and behold that God would give me that very experience in my late 20's into my 30's. It was through experiencing trials and tribulations and calling on God that has allowed me to reach that level of praise. I share this with you, because I need you to understand that in my surrendering, I was able to see God in a different way. I had to repent unto Him and give Him everything concerning me and my life. I needed Him and I needed to acknowledge not only in my words, but also in my actions.

That came with a deeper repentance. It came with me really committing to give myself over to Christ in everything that I did. I could not just say that I was a child of God and still be doing whatever I wanted. Absolutely not. I needed to know the importance of the covenant relationship that I was entering in with Him. These were not things that I learned while I was in church. These are things that the Holy Spirit taught me during my time with Him in the secret place. That is why it is important for us to get to know God for ourselves. We can't rely upon someone else's salvation to get us there. Build your relationship with God and maintain it by spending time with Him in worship, praying, fasting and reading. You can't forget about journaling too.

By the way, we just launched a new journal called, "12 Days of Gratitude: Praising and Worshipping God In Your Everyday Life."

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