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Stay In The Flow

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

It's easy to lose focus and let time fly right past you. Today I want you to be intentional about staying in the flow. If you know that social media is causing you to go off track because you are constantly scrolling or looking at reels, but barely have any work done, then something is wrong. Put the phone down and log off of social media today for the next two days. At this moment of me writing this there are 39 hours and 45 minutes left until September 1st. That is more than enough time to complete a few tasks. So what is your next step?

Partner with God

Go into prayer and ask God what needs to be completed by September 1st. Then ask Him to give you the steps for it. Write down what you are getting and ask Him to guide you in the process. If it's an area, you don't have knowledge of, then ask God to lead you to a reputable source. That means there is going to be work that you may need to do in order for you to build out what He has assigned you.

Do the work

Building a vision takes work. Sometimes that work is doing the research before you can actually start. For some people, it may sound tedious, but as you start to do the research the pieces will start to come together for you. Take notes of what He is highlighting to you and keep those areas in mind. God will drop hints along the way and steer you in the direction you need to go. You just need to trust Him to guide you for the vision that He has given you.

Have faith that His promise stands.

Now this part here is a biggie. For those of you who are building out a business God has given you, know that it's a God-sized vision. His vision that He has for you is bigger than you because it is something that you will be able to build for your bloodline. In doing so, there may be times when you don't see the fruits of what you are building. If God said to do it, do it anyway. As you build it, speak life into it. Speak aloud that this business is successful. That it is blessed. In the words of Dr. Alexis, "Your Words Create Worlds." What you say will be. So if God said you will reach nations with this business then you declare it without speaking against that word. If God said you are called to help families create generational wealth, then you declare it without going against the word. God needs you to have faith in the very things in what you are unable to see. "For we walk by faith, not by sight" 2 Corinthians 5:7 . it is through your faith by which you will be able to see the fruits of what God has promised you to come forth.


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