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Stretch Into Your New Position

At the beginning of October, I remember being in my car and I heard the Lord say "stretch." He showed me a picture of athletes who were stretching before a game. He was reminding me that stretching is required in the season that we are in right now. That stretching is going to look different for each person. That being said there were some key reminders he noted to me.

Be Flexible

God is flexible. We have to be just as flexible. He could have you working in one area today and bring you somewhere else tomorrow. The key is to be flexible and to not get caught up. You can easily miss the new thing God is doing if you get stuck in the old and familiar and don't go towards the new thing that is taking place before you.

New Position

When God was speaking, he was showing me a person goes into a split. They don't just drop into a split when they first learn. They have to stretch first to be able to get into that new position. That same thing is happening with His children across the board right now. He is telling us to stretch out and get uncomfortable. As we get out of our comfort zones He is providing us with more insight on where He is taking His children. This is nothing but God helping you to align yourself to where He is taking you.

Stretching Keeps Your From Getting Hurt

When you stretch before a game you are preparing your body and muscles to endure the activities ahead according to Sports Medicine Weekly. Let's take this same concept to what God is doing in the body. The stretching you are going through right now is building your fruit, your endurance, your mindset and more. Why? Because you have to be able to withstand the weight the new position will bring.


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