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Pain Tried To Bury Me Alive But God Revived Me (Ebook)

Pain Tried To Bury Me Alive But God Revived Me (Ebook)

SKU: 2001

"People tend to look outwards to find their purpose in life, but they fail to see that their purpose is already inside of them. It's been waiting for you to do the inner work so that you could live it out fully. There are so many gifts inside of you that life tried to cover up. This is your opportunity to uncover the hidden treasures of your identity. This poetic devotion is inspired by the personal testimonies the author shares on their journey of healing and transformation that will offer you clarity on your own adventure. If you are ready to kick off your journey of rediscovering who you are through the hurts and pains that life threw your way then, then this read will get you right on track.


No one expects to watch their whole world get shaken up out of nowhere leaving them to pick up the pieces of wounded heart and fractured identity. The author is a witness that God didn't allow the hurt and pain to go in vain, but that it was an opportunity for her to regain her identity in Christ again. As she began to reclaim her life in the pursuit of building her relationship with God, she was able to uncover her purpose. Now she is on a journey of helping other women around the world to do the very same thing.

Who is this for:

  • People who want to experience healing and the out pour of God's love.
  • Women's ministry
  • Book Club
  • Independent Reading 
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