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Signs That God Is Preparing To Move You

Signs That God Is Preparing To Move You

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Are you thinking about moving? Have you been feeling a nudging or a pulling that is making you feel like a move may be coming up? Have you been wondering if what you are feeling is from yourself or from God? This book lays out several ways that God can communicate to you that He is getting ready to move you. He loves His children and is always looking out for their best interest. Somtimes that involves leaving a place and going somewhere new. Before He moves you, He will give you some hints along the way so that you can better prepare for where He is taking you. Rememeber all of this is a journey and the ways He prepares you is prepping you for the road that is ahead. 


This book is a great for any new or seasoned believer in Christ who is in a transition and needs some more insight about what is going on around them. 

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