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He Saved A Room For Me

What was I doing looking for a room at 2am? Well, let me tell you what happened. In June 2022, I decided to leave what I knew behind. I decided to run after God with two suitcases and a couple of bags. I didn't have a place to stay or even a place booked for the night. I just knew that this was the day God was telling me to leave. So I trusted him and I left. Leaving out that door with my children still in the house with tears running down their faces was one of the hardest things I could have done, but I knew that God needed me to go and I could not bring them on this part of my journey.

As I drove to Texas from the East Coast, I was filled with so much peace. Although my eyes were not completely dried, the sadness was fading away. There was a purpose in the journey that I was embarking on. As I drove I couldn't help but wonder where this purpose was taking me. I had a rough idea of a town, but I didn't really have an exact location. I tried looking for a place but everything needed me to have a job. I could not get anyone to get back to me. So I kept driving. I believed that if God was taking me all this way then there must be a place for me to go.

Then there was the sign I had been waiting for. Welcome to Texas. I had arrived in the state that God told me to go. I drove to a gas station and I calling a hotel at 2am and the rep told me they were booked for the weekend. He told me that this was common for the DFW area during the summer. I had no idea. So I googled another hotel. The woman answered as I was on my GPS looking up how far I was. She told me they had one room left. i told her that i was only a few minutes away and to hold it for me. I got back in my car and zipped over.

Did you know that as I got to the desk there was a man behind me who was looking for a room and the caller on the line was doing the very same thing? But God. he has already placed a room aside for me. That woman also told me that she had no idea how there was even a room still available because they are always completely booked during the weekends in the summer.

I didn't know it then, but I know it now. It was nothing but God. God set aside a room for me because He knew the appointed time that I would arrive and how to get me exactly where He was taking me. I may not have known the exact route, but I trusted in God who knew the whole plan. Thank you, God! My testimony is still building.

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