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I Packed My Bags and Left My Family Behind

In June 2022, I did one of the craziest things I could imagine. I packed my bags with $1400, no job or place to live. All to follow the plans that God had for my life. Which meant that I had to leave behind my children, my life and my home. This was one of the most challenging moments in my life. Never in a million years would I have packed up and left like that, but in this case I had to. God placed a calling on me that called me to leave my home and go somewhere I had never been to before. I don't know about you, but this was the craziest thing I ever had to do. Talk about taking a bold leap of faith.

Bold Leap Of Faith

God told me in February 2021, that He was sending me to Texas. But the truth is I had no real idea what that was going to look like or what that would entail. In my mind, I thought I would be bringing my children with me and moving into a place of my own. Little did I know that was not the plans for me initially. I was not going to have my children come down. Nor was I going to have a permanent place to stay. Yet, with that information in hand I still packed my bags and left anyway.

The calling on my life was too big for me to ignore. Truth be told, God wasn't going to let me stay anyway. Purpose awaited me in a land far away. I got on the road and set my GPS to Dallas, TX, believing that when I got there I would know where to go. This was truly a move of God. The way that he kept me on the road was supernatural.

He allowed me to stay awake for almost 48 hours straight with no sleep in between. I drove for 31 hours across seven states hoping to rest at a friend's place. When I got there, God ushered me out and on my way. It was as though nothing was allowed to get in my way or to get me off track. God was serious about Him making a way and getting me to my destination in just over a day. From construction to car accidents along the way, I can say that He kept me. He guided me and moved me out of harm's way. He kept my path straight and me steady while on the highway.

Only The Beginning

What I learned on the road to Texas was that this was only the beginning. The beginning of God doing an even greater work inside of me. One that needed my full attention. One that required me to be at peace. One that needed me to be emptied of EVERYTHING that did not align to the vision or purpose He had for me. I had to get back to me. I had to fully rediscover myself and be re-introduced to who I was called to be. So join me weekly on YouTube as I dive in each

week with stories about my journey of following God to get my promise land all while rediscovering myself.

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