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Is It Time To Go?

If you have followed me on YouTube, you have watched my journey from the East Coast to Texas and back to the East Coast. Recently, I have found myself asking God more and more, is it time to go? There are many reasons for that. One is because I know that where I am was only supposed to be temporary. The word temporary means, "lasting for only a limited period of time." I know that God loves His children so much that He will bring forth words of wisdom and words of warning. There have been several of both that I have been able to witness from different sources. So I have been going back to God, with my question. Is it time to go?

I share this because there may be others who are in a place right now where they can feel grace lifting off the place that they are in. Which is an indication that it is time to move and go where God is leading you. For some that may be a move across the city, across states or maybe a new country. Although, I have not had to move to a new country I can understand the emotions that come about when a move comes upon you.

I can also say from my first experience with going to Texas suddenly that waiting and not going when He says to go can lead to unnecessary warfare and friction. I remember the morning I got ready to leave. I could feel a storm brewing in the wind. I knew that if I did not leave at that time, there would be a problem and I was not trying to stick around to find out what that could be. So if you have already been getting warning s of what happens if you choose to stay or don't leave, please take them into prayer and heed what the Spirit of the Lord is saying.

Here are some things that I have been doing while in this transition:

  1. My sis encouraged me to write down all the promises God gave me. I was surprised at how many kept coming to me. Read them and pray over them

  2. Take the move and break it down into steps you need to take. (Such as packing, cleaning, getting your affairs in order

  3. Pray about a timeline (Ask God to lead you on when you are to leave.) When I moved to Texas, I didn't have a date per se, but there was a knowing about the week that I had in mind regarding a conference. It just felt like that was when I was going. Funny enough, that was exactly when I left. I never made it to the conference but I made it to where He was leading me.

  4. Have faith. My sis has been reminding me about keeping my faith in all of this. I want to do the same for you. Your faith is going to get you to where God is taking you too.

  5. Really carve out time to spend with God. I know life gets to doing the most, but this is a critical time where you want to hear God and you want to be able to discern the events that are around you. Move away from distractions. For example, there are times when I would be on social media scrolling or posting when I could be reading more and really just meditating on this move. I'm not saying social media is bad. For me, I want to be as focused as possible so pulling back from some apps may happen temporarily so I can make sure that I am in a position to receive the new instructions.

What now?

Take some time to look at the list above and create your own to-do list. Break it into phases so it's not overwhelming and begin to accomplish the tasks along with anything else God may be asking you to do. Here is a quick video for you to listen to regarding the Signs You May See When It's Time To Move.


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