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It's Not Going To Take Years

What God is doing in your life this time is not going to take you years to get it up and going. It won't even take you years to start seeing the fruits of your labor. That is why it is so important right now to align yourself with God's will for your life.

I was You a year ago

A year ago, I was pressed to start up a podcast after I had already given God every excuse in the book as to why I couldn't. He heard my excuses back in March and February of 2021 and the idea faded away. Or so I thought. Instead, God built my faith in Him in other areas of my life both personal, business and more. As He met me where I was, I was able to build the confidence I needed in myself to see that I was truly able to learn these new areas.

The benefit in all of it was that God met me exactly where I was. He showed me what to do and how to do it. He gave me the topics and expanded my podcast to reach people in several countries. God not only planted seeds in me, but watered them and provided the increase.

He will do the same for you.

Romans 2:11 says, "For there is no respect of persons with God." That means because he was able to meet me where I was He can do the very same thing for you too. For many of you, He has already done this for you in different ways. Take this request to God with any and every promise He has given you and remind Him that He is able.

God doesn't set you up for failure

God doesn't want His children to fail. When I launched my first podcast Living Simply Jess, I didn't fully know what I would be talking about, but I knew that God was going to meet me there. Y'all, that's what happened. I got up every morning before a broadcast and I looked at God and said God, what are we going to talk about today. I came to Him in the expectation that He had something to say. Guess what? He did. He gave me the words for every podcast and still does today. He gives me the topics and sometimes the whole conversation is just Him speaking through me. It really does amaze me how much He loves His children.

Once I aligned my vision with God, He took it and ran with it. It didn't take years for my podcast to reach people across the globe. it happened in less than three months. So be encouraged today that God is about to meet you where you are today.


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