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Let God Lead You On Every Deal

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

How many of you have gone to a dealership and have been told that a deposit was needed? Well I have. In March 2023, I walked into a dealership ready to buy a new car, The one I had, had run its course for my journey and it was time to upgrade. Or so I thought. I felt led to go to this dealership, but I had no idea what the turn of events would be by the end of the trip.

Upon arrival I met with a nice young man who was willing to help me find the right car. We did the credit checks and I knew the range I wanted to stay in. We talked about a variety of cars and to be honest, I didn't really know what I wanted. I knew that I wanted another vehicle, but I had not stopped to really think about the type.

So I listed off a few things that I wanted which included the assurance of being a safe vehicle for children and all wheel drive. Now if you are from New England then you know that the weather can be a bit funky. So having a vehicle with all wheel drive can make a great deal of a difference.

Anyways, we searched for several hours and the Holy Spirit kept telling me no, until there was one that I felt a pause on instead. I rejoiced beccause I finally felt as though I was getting somewhere, but it wasn't a yes. In my mind, it was a lot better than getting straight up no's. So we go back inside to dicuss my options. The reality was that he needed me to drop $5k in order for me to get that car. To be honest, I was in no position to do that at the moment. So I needed to know what other options were avaialble.

Well he suggested I get a co-signer. I didn't not like how that sat with me. Unfortunately, I was giving my situation too much credit because I wasn't thinking about how big my God really was. So I made a phone call and someone came out for me. Everything went through for them, but honestly, I still had hesitations. I couldn't help to think that this was not the way that God wanted to bless me. But, I looked at my sitaution and thought that my need for a car was bigger. Shaking my head (SMH). Yep, I know.

Who was I to look at my situation and think that God isn't able to come through for me? I am also very grateful for God's grace. I went back to the vehicle in hopes that I would have some peace about it. Sadly I still felt a pause. So I prayed and went back inside of the buidling. I told the rep, yes, lets go. The amount dropped from $5k to $500. In my head, I was saying, surely God was blessing me because the amount has now dropped tremendoulsly. Remember, I told you earlier that I had not been convinced about the co-signer part.

Anways, I kept pursuing this purchase. He printed out the contracts for me to sign. Now the pen was in his hands and he did his part. He turned the papers over to me. Here is the kicker. The moment that pen got into my hand and touched the pages, the ink ran dry.

Let me tell you. I saw that and I immediately knew that God was not giving me grace for this transaction. I looked at the rep and told him, never mind. He looked at me very confused. You see he was ready to just hand me another pen as though this was a regular transaction. But God. God already knew that this was not the time or the purchase for me. That pen running dry was a sign from God to stop and that He was not in it.

So I got up and walked away. Yes, after running credit checks and spending 6 hours at the dealership, I walked out empty handed. Yes I may have disappointed that yonng man, but I was more fearful of disobeying God. Now, I was still in the wrong to be fair. I knew I felt off about the co-siugner and I knew the car was not a yes and yet I still continued. So I repented to God. The blessing here is that God had something better. And the car that I had a pause on would be one that would later come back into the picture in a brighter way.

So some may see this as a waste of time. In fact, it allowed God to show me what I needed to see and to know when God says no and how to adhere to him versus falling for my own emotions. The truth is, your emotions can get you caught up. That's why we are to be led by the spirit and not by our flesh.

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