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Mental Health Matters

I used to look at mental health from a non personal stance. Not because I didn't think it was necessary, but because I didn't have any issues that I was aware of. I knew how to implement self care but I didn't take into account the trauma I had experienced with being homeless, being stalked and moving around, etc.

I needed to take into account that everything I had been through was being recorded by body. No matter how much I kept going it didn't take away from the fact that my body was keeping score.

I didn't share much on my chronic homelessness journey. I didn't share that I was couch surfing while trying to look for a perme

Ament place to stay. Even when I had a place of my own or with someone i thought was a friend. I couldnt fully rest there. My mind was constantly analyzing situational awareness and what that was for my future.

Decisions regarding what to do next were sometimes clouded by my desire to do things my own way. The reality was that my mind needed a break and room to breathe and feel safe. Safety was often missing because of my past. That stemmed from trauma that was bleeding though. My judgement was trying to make sound decisions based on parameters that had been set from triggers that were around me.

I wished I could have seen the signs sooner but the reality is that my lens wasn't clear enough for it. I needed God to restore my mind and remove the old seasons so I could walk in my new. I made an observation of this in December, but I didn't quite catch it fully.

I'm sharing this that it encouraged else to do a checks and balance on themselves. Just because you made it through doesn't mean you don't need further assistance. I said restored earlier because I have to reiterate that God restored my mind for me to be able to be up here talking to you about all of this.


I needed the mind of Christ that could fight through worship and prayer. I also needed the mind that knew it was okay to take breaks without feeling bad from stepping away. This life update was needed so that others can be reminded that your mental health matters. Taking time to gather your thoughts and yourself is needed in the midst sometimes. It's okay to step away if you have to.


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