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Prioritize Your Needs

No one knows if you need help unless you speak up and ask. No one knows if you need a break if you don't speak up and say something. It's easy to get into a routine of "go, go, go." What happens when your "go" runs empty and you're stuck? Don't get used to being a car that runs until empty without taking time to get filled back up. Yes, your life may be busy filled with things from growing your business, to managing your kids and running a household. What good can you be to all of those things if you don't take the time to prioritize your needs?

Story Time

There was a job that I worked at that ran off commissions. If you weren't talking to people, that would be money you were leaving on the table which is understandable. The one thing they emphasized during training was that you know your body best. You know when you should stop and rest. You know when you should eat. There was no set time to do this. It was doing it as needed. Now, they gave us the heads up that many of the seasoned people took less breaks and not to compare ourselves to them.

I share this with you because sometimes we get caught up at looking at how others are able to do certain things and we don't get why we can't do it the same way. Now me just starting this job could have been easily intimidated with the lack of breaks they took, I could have felt like I was not putting in enough effort and I could have felt defeated. Instead, I reminded myself that my body and their body is different. I also had to remind myself that they have been doing this longer so there is an established routine that has been made.

By them having that routine in place they already knew the signs for their body. They were aware of how much they could take before taking some time to eat and rest. Because they understood what was needed they were able to move freely without feeling like they were neglecting themselves.

The key to this was that it didn't happen overnight. Them finding a routine that worked for them took time with trial and error. As they started to focus more on what their body needed, they were able to respond accordingly. So even in the oddest of jobs, there is a way for you to still prioritize your needs. That just requires you to make yourself a priority and to not compare your needs to the needs of those around you.

Make Yourself a Priority Today

  1. Go to bed early to start your day with a clear head.

  2. Plan ahead of time (pack a lunch, review your schedule, etc.)

  3. Take a break (eat and rest)

  4. Pace Yourself (Create a schedule)

  5. Relax (Somethings may be out of your control and that's okay)


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