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Redefined In The Wilderness

Everyone's refining process in the wilderness looks different and it is important to not compare one person's journey to another. In that, there are many valuable lessons that we can all take note from. Whether that is the gift of repentance, understanding the power of forgiveness or knowing how to walk away when God says to let go. In everyone's journey there is a story about how much God loved them and saved them by His grace. So much so that we are unable to boast about it out ourselves (Read Ephesians 2).

Listen the wilderness wasn't something that I really knew anything about until God placed me in it. I didn't realize that all that I was experiencing from job loss to relationships endings were God's way of making room in my life for new beginnings. In order for me to be able to truly embrace the new, he had to renew a lot of thigs within me. That meant removing impurities, old mindsets, outdated habits and more. He had to get me into a place where I wanted to seek Him more than seeking people.

That is what God wants for all of His children. He wants us to get into a place with Him where He can refine us and remove all the yucky stuff that wasn't supposed to be there. He wants to be able to blot out our transgressions so the aroma of our praise can make its way up to him without the stench of sin.

And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins. 1 Peter 4:8

He wants us to be able to enjoy the life that He has created for us and not continue living like broken crayons that are dismissed in a coloring box. Instead to live righteously in Him. In the love of God showcasing that love unto all regardless of who they are and what they have done. Love is not just a fruit of the spirit, but it's who God is. He is love and we are to embody that love within ourselves. It's difficult to do that if you have all that yucky stuff inside of you. Hence why pruning also created room for more of Him to dwell on the inside of us.

God's love doesn't fail. He sees His children who were dead in their sins and yet, He still loves them. He knows who will come back because it is His grace that has already abounded in them from the beginning of time. He knows who has a heart for Him and who will serve Him. None of it comes as a surprise to the Lord. Yet, He still rejoices when even one of His sheep returns. That's just the beauty in the love of God.

God used my wilderness to bring my heart to Him and He is doing that with so many of His children. So, you can see him as your protector, provider, your Father etc. Allow the wilderness to refine you and may you take note of the lesson you learn along the way.

Redefined in The Wilderness devotion has just launched, and the invaluable lessons noted are worth taking in not only for a read, but to reflect on your own healing journey with the Lord.


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