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Signs That God Is Getting Ready To Move You

Have you been feeling like you are about to move, but you are not sure? Have you been seeing a particular place over and over and wondering if that is what God is showing you or if it's just in your head? Well, I've been there. God showed me the word TEXAS a year and a half before I actually moved. That's not all. I also received a bunch of signs in different ways. Here is a list of ways that God can communicate to you that He is getting ready to move you. If you haven't started paying attention or documenting these signs, please start doing so. We also have journals available in our shop in case you need some inspiration.

Signs To Pay Attention To

  • Dream/Visions

  • Prophetic Word

  • Cleaning Your House

  • Resources Running Dry

  • Nudge in Your Spirit

  • God Will Tell Others

  • God Will Show You Others On A Similar Journey

I created a full vide on this topic and you can watch it now on YouTube.


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