Submitting Proposals 

Jess Harris Publishing Company Review Policy 

Jess Harris Publishing Company is currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts. 

Submissions Guidelines 
Jess Harris Publishing Company titles are designed to glorify God in content and style. Titles are selected for publication based upon fit with this goal, quality of writing, and potential for market success


Please do not call our office or mail us your manuscripts. All proposal submissions meeting the detailed criteria above may be sent to:
All submissions should include the following:

  • Your name and email address

  • A brief author biography, including an explanation of your spiritual walk and background, your qualifications to write on the subject (non-fiction), and any previous published writings

  • A one-page book summary or synopsis

  • A detailed table of contents including paragraph summaries for each chapter (non-fiction)

  • The introduction and at least two sample chapters

  • The manuscript word count (actual or projected)

  • A description of your intended audience, how you envision those readers responding to your message, and how you would see us reaching your audience

  • A one-page overview of competitive titles on the market (books that are similar to or might be compared to yours)

  • A list of all social media accounts including number of followers/friends, and all other means that you connect with your readers including newsletters (with number of subscribers), blogs, video channel (YouTube, etc.)

  • Prepare your sample chapters in Microsoft Word with normal English usage for grammar, style, and punctuation