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Get Out Your Comfort Zone...

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

I am Jessica Harris your transformation coach and founder of Ignite UR Glow LLC. This is your season to bloom. I am excited to watch each of you come out of hiding and walk boldly in your purpose. In order for that to happen, you have to start stepping out of your comfort zone. Yes, I know, being comfortable is a wonderful place to be. Unfortunately, that same familiarity can cause you to become stagnant because you are limiting your opportunities to grow.

So step out of your comfort zone, Own the purpose that is in you and walk in it boldly. For some people that may look like a pivot in their business. Maybe you're going from writing books to coaching. It's an unfamiliar space, but one that you know you are being called to. It's okay to feel uneasy about it at first. Acknowledge those feeling and analyze why you feel that way. Those feelings aren't coming up for no reason. Something inside of you may not feel ready or equipped to handle the next phase you are getting ready to walk into.

That's why having a coach or mentor in your corner can be very useful. Coaches offer tools and strategies for their clients to be able to transition more smoothly. Of course, the bulk of the work is still on you, but having someone in your corner makes a big difference. That coach is also there to stretch you. They should be pushing you to go harder and to go further. Their job is to stretch you into that uncomfortable place.

No one said getting out of your comfort zone has to be done alone. So take a deep breath as you get ready to dive into the deep end of your next adventure. Trust that everything you have done thus far has prepared you for this very moment. If you aren't sure how to take that next step, schedule a call with me so we can talk about your next steps. I love empowering women to take action and so they can walk boldly into their next.


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