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Let Them Read About You

Have you stopped to think about the impact that your story will have once it's been told? I grew up reading books written by black authors who wrote about characters who looked like me and whom I could relate to. Unfortunately, the books I wanted to read about were far less available at that time in comparison to the many others that were on the shelves. I knew that there had to be others who looked like me and been through what I had been through that I could read about. Aside from the hood books about the "around the way girls." No shade to those books because they spoke to the truths about what I saw growing up. I was looking for more.

As I was looking for more, the desire to write increased. So much so that I created not only this blog but another one for families. When I created these resources, I did it to empower and inspire others to believe in God for greater. I did it because I wanted them to know that God can do more than what they have experienced thus far. As I shared my story I realized it wasn't just about me. my stories were here to rbing breakthough for others. They were created a blueprint for many. It wasn't just my story.

This is evident with the lives of those we read about in the bible. They are constantly being talked about and shown. Yet, they are not here right now. Do you think they realize that their experiences would be the very references that we would utilize today? Maybe, maybe not. Regardless of that, we do use their stories as check points in our own lives. They often help us to see what God will do next in our lives or in the lives of those around us. I share all of this to say, share your story. Begin to testify to what God is doing in your life. As they begin to read more about you, they will begin to see parts of themselves within your story too. Allowing them to know that just as you made it, so can they.

So invite you if you are a women in faith to join our "Ignite UR Glow" community. A place for you to amplify your voice and redefine who you in the process.

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