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I Did It...Now What?

Making the decision to follow your purpose could come with some reservations. I know for me it did. I had plenty of questions for God on what I was supposed to do and how exactly it was supposed to look. I knew that I wanted to make a difference, but I wasn't too sure at first how it would allow me to be able to be financially stable.

God had to shift my perspective and help me to see that I was focused on the wrong thing. I was occupied with thoughts of how I was going to make money instead of focusing on the fact that God is my ultimate provider. I was focused on figuring out ways to pay my bills, when God wanted me to see that He is able to do all things. This tug of war that I was in was God's way of reshaping my mindset on how I saw Him and to understand who He was. I had to learn that God was my father and that as long as I abided in Him, He would abide in me.

During this time in my life, God highlighted Matthew 6 for me. I encourage you to read it and meditate on what He is saying. This helped me to understand how I was going after things more than I was going after God. It wasn't that I wanted it to be like that. It was simply the way I had lived for so long. I thank God for helping me to see the error of my ways. By starting to see that God can make provisions come forth when you are doing things in his will, it makes a difference.


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