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Moving Back To An Old Season Is Not An Option

The Lord is with me in everything that I do. That being said here is the comment I received this morning, "Go back to your children". Now being on social media I get a lot of comments but I needed to remove the vain glory and showcase how God has been in the midst despite what it looked like to everyone else. I wasn't upset or annoyed, but I had the thought to respond back with a sharp tongue Then the thought of making a blog post came to mind. I know this subject is sore to many who have concerns about my journey.

So here is the tea I didn't spill last summer. Last summer, I couch surfed with some family and I got to have my children with me while I did it. No one wants to break the news that they came back to their children's lives homeless but that was the case for me.

When I originally left (summer 2022), I didn't leave my home. I left my ex boyfriend's house who is the father of my kids. Therefore I was homeless the moment I stepped out on faith and moved across the country. Please know tte relationship was already over and he was already pressing me to move out since 2021. The Lord's timing is what I waited on before making a move. I waited over a year on this decision to be confirmed. This piece people understood in part but always thought I could go back there. How can I go back to a home that wasn't mine to go back to.? He is in a state that was never a permanent fixture for me.

So me moving a way was me trying to get things in order for my children. That's what I did when I went on a holy Spirit led jour ey across the country. I learned about different areas and sought wisdom in reading the Bible and praying. I consulted others who had me interests and I moved accordingly.

When my time in Texas was up last year I slept on the couch of family. Family who were told that I couldn't stay there any more because I didn't live there. Yet, I was bringing my children there because of a court orde I had to keep them. Despite my situation I was willing to put people at risk for their housing so my children could stay with me. This may not be the story you thought you were getting but it is the one that people needed to hear.

Just like I tried to send my kids back to their dad so the wouldn't be homeless for the summer. Instead of getting grace from him I was told to figure it out. His options to me were go to shelter or a hotel. I just started working and I just wanted my kids to have housing.

That's the concern every parent has. So when he wasn't understanding I we t to pray and asked for mercy for where I was because I didn't have any other options. God was merciful and people did not throw me out although conversations happened. Let's just say I'm not here to repeat seasons. I asked for help and I saw where that got me. My children's father needed time to get his thoughts together. I was coming off of being homeless for 9 months. I just needed a safe shelter.

No one knows everything because that's not what was posted. I can tell you the reason I am able to be here right now expressing this is because I know the Lord is with me.


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