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I Thought It Was Going To Look Different

I got on this journey of rediscovering myself and I will tell you from now, that I thought it was going to look different. Nothing in my mind came the way I thought it would. For a minute, I was confused. I couldn't understand why it didn't look like the happy ending I was expecting. I didn't get it. It didn't make sense to me, until one day it did.

The happy ending that I was looking for was not attached to the new lease on life, but to my old one. The way I expected things to happen was associated with my old wineskins, but had nothing to do with my new. God had created me brand new and that meant that my dreams and visions were renewed as well. I had to align myself to the vision that God had for me and not just to the wills and desires of my hearts,

Yes, God wants to fulfill those desires that we have, but He is also on a journey of bringing us to a place where we can see that He is God and that His plans are far better than any plan I could think for myself. I had to learn to let go and surrender not only my old ways, but also my old life and anything associated with it.

That means some people were not able to go with me to the place that God is bringing me. That also meant that some places I was used to be at were no longer suited for me. The same thing when it came to some of my beliefs. Things that I took part in, I had to now separate myself from. It was definitely an adjustment, but as I started to move into the plans He had for me, I started to see how I could go further when I stopped resisting.

Yes, believe it or not, I tried to resist walking into the purpose that God had called me to. Not because I didn't want to do it, but because I was used to having things in a certain way. But this time in Texas has caused me to learn to trust in God with my steps and stop trying to fully rely upon myself. There are some days when I catch myself trying to take control of the wheel and I have to remind myself that he knows the plans that he has for my life. Those plans are for good and not for evil, but to give me hope a future as stated in Jeremiah 29:11.



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