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Keep Pressing In

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

I know we are running towards the end of June and for some, it may seem like a month filled with so many changes and maybe even pivots into new directions. Today, I want you to look at what is in front of you and I want you to keep pressing in. Don't look back at what didn't work before or what the naysayers are telling you. Nope, I want you stay focused and keep your eyes set straight ahead. There is something building in the horizon. You can almost touch it if you just stretched your hands out a bit further.

Pressing into what it is that you are already doing will allow you to be able to see what else is out there for you. Pressing in will allow you to see the strength that God has instilled in you and that it is no longer by your might that you are able. When you press in the way He is asking you to right now, you are getting yourself in a position to see something far more glorious than what you could have ever imagined. Don't miss it, but stop, Instead, keep pressing into what it is He has asked you to do. There is a bigger glory that He has for you that is getting ready to manifest right in front of you.

Remember He is not a man than shall lie and that His word never returns unto Him void. The promises which He has for you are getting ready to overflow into your life. This is when you need to be in repentance, seek Him, trust Him and confirm if you have been doing all that He has asked of you. The reward that He has is just on the other side of this final push. The birthing of what He has placed in you is getting ready to be witnessed by the rest of the world.


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