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Move Me Out The Way God

I had to learn to move out the way and let God do what He do. I tried to interrupt and do it my way but I saw no fruit in that. There was no grace in that. I had to step back and allow God to be the way making God that He is. Hear me when I tell you. When I stepped back. I got to see the hand of God move in me in different ways.

We drove over 1000 miles for over 16 hours by faith. Straight through to get to where He was taking me. Do you know that His grace not only kept me up, and going. But I got to see His glory ushered into different areas. When I wasn't sure how it would look he assured me that He had me in His mind. His presence captivated me and I knew this was a time to show others that God is more than able to do the impossible.

The best part of all the travels was the peace He gave me. I didn't quite know where I was going, but God did. Just as He guided Abraham and His family into a foreign lane they didn't know. He has been doing the very same thing with me. (Genesis 12:1)

I may not know all the pieces but my trust is in the one who does and He has not failed and never will.


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