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My Top 5 Ways To Start Your Day

As a busy individual, you already know that the number of tasks that you have can exceed the amount of time you have to complete them. That feeling of not being able to get things done would leave me overwhelmed for the next day. Because the extra work would be looming over me. What has helped me shift my stance was building a routine to start my day. This routine helps me to stay focused and on track. It also allows me to create room to get other things done that I may not normally have time to do. To help you out, I have created you a short list of 5 ways to help you start your day.

5 Top Ways To Start Your Day

  1. Wake Up Early-Begin to get up earlier. If you have already started to see yourself getting up a little earlier, don't hit snooze. Instead, get up and seek God. Ask Him to direct your steps for the day.

  2. Pray and Read Your Bible-Connecting with God during these early hours helps you to hear Him more clearly because everything else around you is still. This is also a time for you to hear God and what is on His heart that needs to be covered in prayer. (Prayer Watch Hours).

  3. Goals and Plans-After getting in the presence of God, take some time out to review your goals or plans that you have set. They could be for this day, this week or this month. taking time to see where you are daily and making plans for the next steps helps to keep you accountable.

  4. Meal Plans- If you aren't ready to meal prep for the week that's okay. I encourage you to plan out your meal for the day. Taking time to get an idea of the meals you will have, will leave room for you to get more work done, save money from eating out and allow you to already have a meal ready so you can use that extra time later to finish up any additional work that you may have. Bonus: If you have children, this is a great way to help you beat the evening "I'm hungry" groans when they come from school because everything is done and just needs to be heated up.

  5. Breathe In and Breathe Out- This list is not meant to overwhelm you or make you feel like you have to be a super mom. It's simply a way to help you maximize the time you have in your day. God knows what you need to build a better routine. Seek Him to find out what can be implemented and where to help you have more time to take care of what you need to do while still finding time and room to take care of yourself as well. So don't forget to breathe as you get yourself or your children ready to start the day and know that with God, He is with you along the way.

Do you need help?

Creating a solid and effective routine can time and adjustments depending on the different needs that pertain to your life. That's okay because we are here to help. You can set up a consultation today to gain clarity with your goals or to create an effective routine.


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