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School Just Started, I Can't be Burned Out!

Teachers, I thank you for all that you do both in and out of the classroom. I know that it takes a tremendous amount of work to be able to address the concerns that we have for our children both individually and collectively. Sometimes that may go unnoticed, but today I wanted you to see that you are appreciated. As we move towards the end of September it is not lost that many have been in school for a few weeks and almost a month in some cases.

During this time I have noticed that there are few teachers who may be on the verge of burnout or feeling overwhelmed so early in the year. Although your class may be different or your school may have changed, you decided to become a teacher because you wanted to make a difference. In order for you to do that, we need you to also take care of yourself in the process.

Teachers are great at helping others so what they are supposed to do, but I wanted to remind you to take some time to take care of yourself too. Here are three helpful tips to keep you pushing forward during this school year.

Tip #1

Start your day by meditating on the word of God. Filling yourself up before you go to pour into others will help you to refrain from pouring out of an empty cup.

Tip #2

Get the right amount of sleep. I know that there are lesson plans and assignments, but you need your mind to be ready and focused for the upcoming day.

Tip #3

Pray daily. Pray over yourself, your class, your school, co-workers, bus drivers etc. God hears your prayers and He knows what is taking place. Ask God for the strategy for an effective routine, for an effective way of reaching your students and anything else that comes up. God knows the children that He has allowed to be in your classroom. He knows everything they need right now and for what is up ahead. Partner with God and allow Him to order your steps in and out of the classroom as He leads you in your life.


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