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Searching For A Home

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Have you ever went searching for a home? Yep, me too. I have spent time looking at apartments and houses quite a bit over the last few years. Although, it can be fun at some points. It is also a little challenging too.

Here are some tips to consider when looking for your next home:

  1. Pray and ask God where He is leading you to (city, state, area, etc)

  2. Write down what you need and desire in your home. (Take it into prayer with God)

  3. Begin to search. (Actively looking plants seeds of interest and is seen as a prophetic act)

  4. If you haven't started yet, begin saving. (Having a budget for your expenses and project expenses can be helpful). I also know that this won't be for everyone depending on how they are led to me, but if you can, it does help.

  5. If there is a home you like or appears to be highlighted. Take it into prayer with God and ask Him to confirm it for you.

  6. Journal everything. It's truly amazing to go back and read about the different adventures I have been on with God. So yes, please write down the good, the interesting and everything in between.

Now there are plenty of other things you can do such as clean up your credit, speak to a realtor/locator etc. With all of them, take them into prayer as well. Also, don't psyche yourself out because you don't have the best credit or you don't have the best job at the moment. God has an amazing way of also performing miracles when we least expect it. So be led by the Holy Spirit in your decisions and the directions that you go in. He won't lead you the wrong way.


Here are some videos I have made regarding the ways that God has moved me and the signs that God will also offer you in the process. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel: Jessica M. Harris

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