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The Trap of Distractions...

You may be finding yourself in a place right now where what you’re building seems impossible to the eyes of many. Keep building anyway. You may have people who see what you are building and they don’t understand why all of your energy is going toward this project. Keep building anyway. You may see people coming at you in all directions trying to get you to slip up and move you out of line. I want you to keep building anyway. Because what you are building is far bigger than what you realize. What you are building has a greater agenda to the kingdom of heaven than what they can even fathom. Your job is to continue to build it out the way God instructed you to do so. Don’t let the critics confuse what God has told you. Don’t allow them to get into your ear, eyes or heart gates. Protect them. If that means shutting down some doors of access to people that you were cool with then that may be what needs to be done in order to finish building out what God has asked you to do.

For me, that looked like cutting access off to people who could not see the vision that God had given me. That means that any person who starts to speak anything that is the opposite of what God gave me, I curve it immediately and go into prayer. This goes for friends and family alike. There are no exceptions to this rule because there is nothing in this world that is more important than God.

That meant I couldn’t allow the fears or judgments from others to sway me off the track that God had placed me on. I couldn’t allow myself to shrink back because of their uncertainties. You see my faith walk will confuse many people who don’t know God. It will have them believe my priorities are not in order. When in fact they are exactly where I need them to be. You have to choose in this hour whose side you are on? Are you choosing to side with God or are you choosing to follow the path that man is calling you to?

If you choose man then you are not showing God that you are willing to follow the path He has laid out for you. That can cause you to fall into the traps the enemy places in front of you. At this point, I don’t know about you, but I know that I don’t have time to be walking into traps. So choosing God is understanding what his plans are for me and trusting that my walk of faith is going to get me to where He has called me to go regardless of how the journey may look on the outside.

Read Nehemiah 6 in the Bible.


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