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You Will Be Awakened

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Many of you are getting ready to be awakened by God out from the slumber that you have been in. You are getting ready to see why you couldn't continue to live in the worldly things and ways that others have been able to. You are getting ready to understand why God uprooted you from some people, places and things. You are getting ready to have your eyes open to just how much God loves you. You will start to see that His love truly covers you in a way that no man or woman can. The taste you have for sinful things will start to diminish. Because He is getting ready to deliver you from things you didn't think you couldn't be delivered from.

There are some of you who are in some dark places who want to get out and God is going to rescue you. Continue to hold on, continue to pray, continue to repent, continue to stay in God's face. Because He is calling you by name and you will know that when He brings you out you will only be able to say it was nothing but the Lord's hand and will on my life. He is moving even now.

God has been stamping His children and will continue to do so to separate those who are His and who are not. Do not take advantage of His love, grace and mercy. But instead reverence Him for these things. My God, for He is moving about swiftly even now.

Do not get distracted by what you see or what's going on. Your focus is to remain on Jesus/God/ Holy Spirit. He will direct your paths. He will bring you into new territories. He will show you what you need to do and what not to do. He will guide you on what to build and what not to build. He will tell who to connect with and who not to connect with. For even those who have hidden agendas against you will be revealed unto you.

May you be in the will of God so you are not swallowed up by the ways of this world. God is coming much sooner than we realize. For He says we do not know the time of which He will come, but we are to be prepared. This is not a time to play and think you have forever to get right with God. This is not that. Get into position and get your heart in order. Because the Lord is coming with His judgment. Do not be fooled by old teachings and believe that God is not the same God who can perform miracles signs and wonders. The same God who will send His prophets in advance to warn the church/Body of Christ. The same God who continues to love and forgive us for our sins, but also the same God who destroyed town/cities because of their sins. Do not think He is not the same God as He was then, today and forever shall He be.


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