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In February 2022, God pressed it upon me to start up a YouTube channel. Prior to 2021, I hardly used it. I never had an interest to use it for general purposes at that point, so starting my own channel was a bit baffling, but I did it anyway. I didn't know what I was going to talk about or what I would share. So I started to panic until God reassured me that I could start off with the affirmations he gave me in my book, "See The Beauty from Within." I had no idea that my actions to post would one day spark me to not only share my affirmations, but to also share the journey I was on.

I always enjoyed watching #goalcast videos because they provided inspirational videos of people who were able to overcome adversity. I always thought the people who shared the hardest parts of their story were brave because it takes courage to share the good, bad and ugly in any story. At the end of each one, I would either be in tears rooting them on or I would be sitting their reflecting about my own story.

Regardless, I was emotionally moved because their story mattered and I respected them for being bold enough to open their mouths about it. Well, there was a point in my own journey of me moving across the country by faith that I knew that God was calling on me to do the same. I was nervous at first and didn't knew who would watch it or like it. I didn't know I could face the people about it. There was a lot of feelings surrounded me doing it. God woke me up one night and said, "they need to see you." So I got up. I recorded it and posted my video, "God Moved Me To Texas."

By doing this, I got to see a whirlwind of people who I didn't know be moved by my journey. They opened up about their experiences and told me how this helped them. It was by reading the comments and seeing the reactions that I was able to see the impact sharing my story had. So I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone today and share your story. If you are not sure how, schedule a complimentary session with me today so we can get you started and on your way to inspiring others with the journey you have taken.


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