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God is Exposing People Around You

By following God, I was then able to see the truths about the people who were around me. Heart postures and thoughts were exposed. I was able to see their hidden agendas. Even with the things that were spoken about me, I was not to grow cold. I had to learn to forgive them anyway. I did not curse them, I asked God to show them who He was, who I was and to bless them. I asked God to deliver them and for me to be able to have a heart like His in the process.

I knew that in order for me to walk righteously, I had to have a pure heart and to be cleansed of sins. So I went to God on the matters that took place in my life. No I'm not perfect and yes I got upset. I knew enough to also not act on my emotions and give it Yashua (Jesus Christ). Me forgiving them wasn't about making them feel better, but wanting to be healed of the things that would keep me from being in the will of God. I wanted to do what He called me to and I knew that was going to require a different version of me showing up.

I share all of this because you have to change your heart about the exposure that is happening because more will take place. Both personally and corporately. It's not meant to take you out, but much of it will be to position you and to bring forth the plans that God has already called forth to take place. I know it's not fun to hear or see these things take place, but there is a purpose for all of that getting ready to take place. Continue to stand firm and in position for what God is doing in your life and in the lives of those around you. Remain faithful to God and don't let doubt try to cloud you from seeing what God is really doing around you.


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