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Jumping Into The Deep End of Entrepreneurship

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

There are some of you who have thought about having your own business and then there are some of you who started, but treat it more like a hobby. Then I like to believe there's a select group of you that decided to go all-in and thought jumping into the deep end would be worth it. By the way, my name is Jessica Harris and in some shape or form, I have been all three. Most recently, I have transitioned to being in the deep, and it was not always easy.

There were many times that I found myself spending more time on my computer than I did with the people in my home. I was always working and there was always something to do. At first, my kids didn't get it because they saw me home and assumed that meant I was able to play with them, but that was not the case. I started to feel overwhelmed in both my family life and my business. I didn't feel like I was committing to both the way I needed to. I felt like there were not enough hours in the day to accomplish the tasks that were in front of me. I knew that God had placed all of these ideas in me for a reason so there had to be a better way.

Over time, I found out that there was. There were systems that I was lacking in both my family structure as well as in my business that were causing me to feel this way. I needed to go back to the drawing board and evaluate what God was asking me to do in both areas. I knew that I was to spend more time with them, but I also knew that the business needed attention. It was then that God showed me a huge miss on my part was having a routine. I had the knowledge and I had the tools, but I didn't have a solid foundation that included a routine that would benefit everything that I was involved in. So I set out on a journey to discover what would make the most sense for me. You wouldn't believe how light my days started to feel once I started to make the proper adjustments. These are adjustments you can make as well so you are not stuck feeling overwhelmed.

Now it's your turn:

The structure that I used to create the routine for myself and my family is one of the many concepts that I break down in my new course, "Surviving Entrepreneurship: The Ultimate Course for New and Aspiring Kingdom Entrepreneurs" This course is currently on sale for a limited time for only $149. You can check out the benefits here.

This course was created because there are many of you who were called to entrepreneurship, but haven't jumped into it fully. This course is going to give you the tools and strategies to lay out the foundation that you need to move through your journey with ease.


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