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Trusting God In A Tornado

I got the alert across my phone. It said "shelter in place, there's a tornado in your area." This was my very first tornado experience. I remember that day like it was yesterday. It was very windy there was a decent amount of cars on the road. I remember coming off the highway and jumping at the sound of the alarm coming though my phone. I couldn't believe how strong the winds were and how fast it was taking place. Thankfully my sis was able to direct me to a Walmart nearby so I could go in and take cover. As I headed in the store, I was concerned about my car since that all I had. In this moment, I needed to get into safety and trust that God was going to protect my car since He was the one who led me to Texas in the first place. What I didn't know was that this was not the last tornado I would experience while living in Texas without a place of my own.

What I learned in this journey is that God truly does go ahead of us. Although it was my first tornado and I was not aware that I was driving into an area with one. God already had me positioned close enough for me to be able to take cover. I knew I couldn't go back to where I stayed the night, but I was able to take shelter at the local store.

I'm sharing this because I don't want you to be afraid of the new experiences that may come your way, but to trust in God anyway and to believe that He is with you.


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