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Who Is Cheering You On?

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Recently, I went to my children's school for an award ceremony. It was nice to be back in the building again after 2 years of not being allowed inside. All of the kids and parents who were able to come were excited to cheer their child on for getting an award. I knew that I could not wait to see my daughter's face because she had no idea that we were there and that she was getting an award as well. The kids sat in the inner part of their auditorium space and we all sat on the outskirts.

When it came time to get awards the smiles and cheers from the kids were infectious. All you could do was smile and clap with them because of the excitement that was in the room. Now each class only gives out 4 awards a month, so there's a good amount of kids who will not receive an award. Now it may feel like awww initially, but what I felt was the entire opposite.

These kids were out of their seats, cheering, screaming, and clapping for their friends as they each went up one by one to receive an award. You would have thought everyone there got one. The energy they gave off was the type of energy that we all need from those who we have in our corner. We need some people to cheer us on even if we are surpassing them and for them to not feel a type of way about it. These kids were not jealous and angry. They were pumped up.

How many of you can say you have a cheer section like that? Who are your cheerleaders? Are they genuinely happy about the success you have experienced? If they are not, it's okay to say that. Because you should be able to identify who is for you and who is not. You should know who you can go to for an encouraging word and who you can't. Having an understanding of the roles people play in your life will keep you from feeling discouraged. It will also let you know if it's time to switch up the company you keep. That's a whole other topic for a different blog post.

My challenge for you this week is to evaluate your circle. Don't look through the lens of them having your back in the past. I need you to see if they are in a position to have your back for where you are headed.

Peace and Blessings

Jessica Harris XOXO

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